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  • Yarn - Baah Yarn Aspen
  • Yarn Weight - Sport
  • Yardage - 640 - 660 yUS 6 - 4.0 mmards (585 - 604 m)
  • Needle - US 6 - 4.0 mm
  • Size - 37 x 60 in, 68.5 x 152.5 cm 
  • Language - English
Beginning with a garter tab this shawl follows traditional top down triangle shaping. You start off with an easy texture pattern that brings just enough to the party to keep you interested. About the time you are getting bored with that it is time to switch things up into slip stitch mosaic colorwork.

Working with only one color at a time you simply knit some stitches and slip others to create the fun pattern. For me it looked like lines of Pac Man munching along, but of course you might just as easily see hearts or something else.

The Pac Man feel led me to choose a maze like linear lace pattern to finish off the shawl with a flourish. If you would like to make the shawl larger there is a chart where you can repeat the lace - but you will need more yarn.

The pattern is completely written out with supplementary charts for the colorwork and lace for those that like charts!

I chose to use the colors Burgundy and Hazelnut from the beautiful palette of colors provided in the Baah! yarn but I cannot wait to see what other color combinations knitters choose.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file