TNNA 2016 – it happened!

I know y’all have been waiting in anticipation to find out if I said anything ridiculous. OF COURSE I DID! We’ll let it be a mystery what that might have been specifically – but it wasn’t a fatal blow.

It seems like forever ago and just yesterday that I got back. Things have been complicated by the fact that I brought back a combo sinus infection/bronchitis which pretty much knocked me out last week.  I would have blogged last week but OMG was I wiped out. And there was the yarn hangover.

What’s a yarn hangover you might ask? It’s when I have seen so many beautiful yarns in so many beautiful colors … and when I have been talking with other talented designers about their amazing ideas … my brain gets so very full of ideas zipping about that I get a little yarn drunk. I cannot focus on one thing because of ALL OF THE THINGS clamoring for my attention. And after the drunk comes the hangover, as usual.

But it was totally worth it. Worth it to get the opportunity to chat with the many, many yarn store owners who came by my booth and allowed me to explain what all of my craziness is about. Worth it to hear of the exciting things that are going on in their shops and how I might be a part of them. Worth it to spend 4 glorious days surrounded by people who love knitting and yarn as much as I do. If you were one of the awesome people who stopped by and chatted with me – thank you.

Deeply and sincerely, thank you. It is why I do this thing called designing.

Of course I took my trusty video making apparatus! I made video at TNNA to share with y’all, so that you can see a small fraction of what I saw.

And I also made a vlog showing some of the fun items I brought home with me.

If you are not of the video inclined I have a whole passel of links that you can check out!

I received a cool doo-hickey called a Fix-a-Stitch that you can keep in your knitting tool arsenal to help you fix boo-boos in your knitting. Beroco Yarn has several really cool new yarns including a cotton/wool blend that I think might just have to become my first baby blanket pattern (what do y’all think of baby blankets?)  And I have a beautiful color combo from Baah! Yarn that will be becoming a shawl in the not to distant future.
And in the screen shot above you can see a new version of  my Scarab Shawl that was knit up in a beautiful new sport weight yarn from Anzula Luxury Fibers. Expect to hear more about this in the very near future after I get my camera out and shooting!

Do y’all have any questions about TNNA? I would be happy to babble more if there is more you’d like to hear! Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “TNNA 2016 – it happened!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it! You are one of the wonderful LYS people I was talking about meeting. It is so important to me to try and connect with other independent business people in this industry. Everyone has so much energy and it feeds me.

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