Book Look – Everyday Lace by Heather Zoppetti

I don’t know if you caught it, but a couple of weeks ago I posted a look at a book (Warm Days, Cool Knits) on my YouTube channel. I really enjoyed sharing a fun book with y’all and have decided I am going to make this a regular thing, as long as I can scare up enough books. As I mentioned in the original post, this is not really a review or a critique … this is a book that I have decided I like enough to share. I don’t feel much like tearing down anyone’s hard work, I’ll leave that to true critics. Think of me as an enthusiast!

And I am quite enthusiastic about this next book: Everyday Lace by Heather Zoppetti.

I pretty much said it all in the video, but if you are looking for a way to incorporate lace into your everyday wear then this is the book for you. And something really quite different about this? There aren’t any shawls in this book. Not a one.

Heather was kind enough to send me this book to look at, and when I got the package there were two copies! So I am going to use the extra copy (with permission) as a prize in the Knit-a-long for The Peephole Stole! If you would like a chance to win this book please come and join us in my Ravelry group where we will be -a longing until mid-June!

One thought on “Book Look – Everyday Lace by Heather Zoppetti

  1. Hi Barbara, I purchased your love child Schaal and I have restarted it now and nine times and even along with a fellow lace knitter and we are both having troubles with your first transition row. I think it has something to do with that knit yarn over Twice and Knit in the front and in the back of the stitch. Can you offer me any quick solutions or divine what I might be doing wrong I’m always one stitch over or one stitch short. Frustrated end it seems like such a straightforward pattern I don’t know why am having so much trouble’s. Thank you in advance for any of your expert help.

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