Peephole -a long

It is time for a Spring knit-a-long and it seems that The Peephole Stole is ripe for -a longing! I would love it if y’all could join me in my Ravelry group and knit this pattern along with others (click the link for the Ravelry thread)!

The Peephole Stole - a rectangular striped stole knit on the bias in gradient yarn. By Barbara Beson

While it was designed to work perfectly with a 6 skein gradient set from Miss Babs, it is also supremely easy to customize. There are people in the -a long who have dove into their stash and have found many wonderful color and yarn combinations to make the pattern unique to them.

One of the wonderful things about knitting a long is that if you want to modify the pattern we are all there to help you figure it out. This piece is easy to make wider and in the -a long thread we discuss how to do that. And there is always the motivating factor of seeing what others are doing and showing off what we have done.

If that doesn’t do it for you, there are also prizes!

During the course of the knit-a-long  there are progress mile markers where, if you have posted a picture of your progress, we use a random number generator to choose someone to receive a free pattern of their choice. So there are 6 opportunities for that. At the end of the -a long (which will be mid-June) we will also have a Grand Prize and hopefully a few other prizes. I am working on getting some together, but I already have the Grand Prize and I am super excited about it.

Miss Babs has been generous enough to donate one of the six skein gradient sets in the color of the winners choice! How amazing is that?

Miss Babs Grand Bazaar

Miss Babs Grand Bazaar

If it tickles your fancy you could win the above piece of gorgeousness! All you have to do is finish the shawl and post a finished photo by Mid-June to be entered. I will post about other prizes as I figure them out, so check back. And please, if you are so inclined come and join us.

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