Secret Shopper Unboxing

Hmm, I hadn’t realized that I had missed blogging last week – things have been absolutely a whirlwind. If you have subscribed to my YouTube channel you will know that I have posed several videos since last we chatted. I am not going to put them all here but I will link them.

I added a tutorial on how to do the Cross Stitch Mock Cable featured in my Cross stitch Mock Cable Hat. And then we had a wee chat about how much I love Knitting Bags. Finally, for my release of a new pattern Corundum Ridge I uploaded a pattern tour (this pattern will get its own blog post later this week).

All of this is leading up to the video I posted today, which is another Unboxing video. I had a load of fun doing the first unboxing of my gradient yarn & beads and I want to keep doing this style of video. But I needed a twist.

So what I came up with (with help from my friend Heather Zoppetti) is the idea of doing a Secret Shopper. What happens is that I have a friend shop for a knitting related product that they think is awesome and have it secretly shipped directly to me. And then you get to see the surprise at the same time that I do!

I don’t want to spoil the surprise before you watch the video – but I am beyond pleased with my first shipment. What do you think?

I will have to recruit additional shoppers for future months, I am going to try and do one of these every month (I would do it more frequently but that would get pretty expensive). If you have any ideas of who you would like to see shop for me (within reason) I would love to hear them.

2 thoughts on “Secret Shopper Unboxing

    • On page 2 in the sidebar you will find the explanations for all of the stitches. Just in case you run into any other ones you don’t recognize.

      r-m means remove marker.
      I went and double checked just to make sure I hadn’t messed it up!😉

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