The Norwegian Purl – Watch me knit

As promised, I have managed to upload a video on how I purl.

It went live this morning at 8:00 am because I wanted to make sure I understood how the “scheduling” feature of YouTube worked. You know, on the off chance I ever get really motivated and get ahead of myself. Yeah, yeah, you can stop laughing at me.

Back in the day, when I was first learning how to knit, I really despised purling. It was slow, cumbersome and it broke up any flow I had going. It was so frustrating that I was getting to the point where knitting wasn’t fun anymore. Anything I was working on was languishing and I was on the verge of moving on to something different. But before I could abandon knitting altogether I stumbled across a mention on Ravelry of the Norwegian style of purling.

Of course I then went off to search the web and watched a dozen different videos on YouTube on how to do the Norwegian purl. One of them finally clicked and I found it much, much easier than a traditional Continental purl. I don’t think it is particularly “better” per se, there is a great deal more movement and I don’t know that it will increase your speed – but for me it is easier.

With this video I figured out what was going on with the black bits along the edge and I addressed that problem. In the next video (whatever that turns out to be) I think I am going to try and add some subtle music. Not for the whole time, I don’t want it to be distracting. But I thought that at the beginning and end might be nice.

Any requests for what you would like to see in a video?

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