Do you YouTube?

Guess what? I do now!

Yeah, I know I am crazy – but it is fun. I have decided to start a YouTube channel for knitting stuff. The name of the channel is Watch Barbara Knit and if you would like to be notified any time I upload a video all you need to do is subscribe (well, and make sure your settings in YouTube are such that it sends you notifications).

Of course, if you read this blog you will find out because of course I will be blogging about putting up a YouTube video whenever I do so, it is kinda the thing you know? But hey, subscribing doesn’t cost anything.

Yesterday I uploaded my first video just to make sure that I have it all figured out. And I do, mostly. The video is a longer version of the #howIknit video I uploaded to Instagram because all of the cool kids were doing it. When I Instagramed the video it auto-shared to my Facebook and someone asked for me to do it slower – so I thought hey! that would be a good first video. And so it became.

It is simply a video of how I knit in the Continental style. I have follow-up video that is on how I purl in the Continental style which I will be uploading in the middle of this week. It is a bit more interesting because the way I purl is a bit on the funky side. There has been a bit of a learning curve with the movie making software, this first video has some small issues with black bars appearing on the top/sides – but I have figured out what went wrong there and it shouldn’t happen again.

I have a whole list of ideas of things that I can make videos of, hopefully y’all will find some of it entertaining and/or informative. I don’t really have plans to do basic instructional videos, mostly because that kind of tutorial is already out there aplenty. What I am planning as far as technique videos is new and interesting stitches that I either cook up or stumble across and then use in my patterns. (You should see the brand new Japanese stitch dictionary I just got!).

Also on my list are possible reviews/overviews of yarns, knitting tools, books, magazines … I love the stuff that surrounds knitting and thought that could be fun to share. Maybe I could do some interviews? Do something like a pod-cast only with visuals? Who knows? This will definitely be an evolving process.

And I would love to have input as to what y’all might want to see! All YouTube videos have a place for comments and I will be reading them all. If you have thoughts or ideas or requests you can put them there or comment here or heck – email me. One of the great benefits of all of this inter-connectivity is that I can be responsive, all I need is your feedback.

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