Indie Design Gift-a-long 2015

It’s that time of year again The Indie Design Gift-a-long is a HUGE event where indie designers band together to harness the power of thousands of crazy knitters all talking at the same time! It is glorious. This year 335 designers are participating.

One of the big draws to the event is a wee sale. All of the participating designers have selected some of their designs to be on sale for 25% off. While today is the official start of the -a long, the sale doesn’t kick in until 8 PM EST today. The sale ends on Novemer 27th at 8 PM EST. So you still have time to peruse the participating designers thread and get your list ready.


Of course, I am gonna make it easy for you to check out what I have on sale.

If you click on the picture above you will go to the fancy Ravelry bundle to see my sale items. In addition to the sale, there is the matter of a truly ridiculous number of prizes that you could win. There are both physical prizes and, I kid you not, 2,300 electronic codes for free patterns that have been donated by the participating designers. If you like prizes, you should probably take a peek.

The Gift-a-long threads are fast and furious, I am one of the moderators of what I fondly call the “Neck Thingie” portion of the -a long. Which is pretty much anything you can wear on your neck that is not a shawl. Come by and say hi if you like. But I know that fast and furious does not appear to everyone, so I have decided to have a smaller, more focused -a long in my Ravelry group.

A Mosaic a Long.

If you have been plotting to make any of my mosaic patterns, now is the time to motivate. While I didn’t make a fancy graphic as above – you can click to the Ravelry Bundle and see all of the Mosaic pieces included in the -a long. I decided to have this -a long run at the same time as the Gift-a-long because anything you start and finish in the Mosaic a long will qualify for a prize in the Gift-a-long should you choose to participate. Sneaky, eh?

If you are feeling like an -a long I would love to have you come play in either or both!

One of the designers in the GAL is just crazy about figuring statistics and has crunched some numbers to create an amazing infographic (her name is Kimberly Golynskiy)

Holy Crap

Holy Crap

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