New York Sheep and Wool 2015

Like many of the most stratospherically famous, New York Sheep and Wool is mostly known on a first name basis as Rhinebeck. And really, the rep is well earned. This past weekend I flew up to Rhinebeck and had an utterly awesome time immersing myself in all things fiber related. I stayed in a rented house with a pile of absolutely wonderful knitters and we had a rollicking good time.

I wasn’t particularly good at taking pictures, mostly because I was trying to keep my hands warm, but I wanted to share what few I took!

Snow is not in my wheelhouse.

First off, proof that it was way too cold for this Southern girl. See that on the left edge of my wrist? That is a snowflake! A SNOWFLAKE! There were small flurries, but they took me totally by surprise.

Realizing my utter lack of photographic evidence that I was at Rhinebeck I decided to take a picture of some cute sheep. They were chumming it up with one of the ladies I was walking with so I moseyed over to get their super cute faces. As soon as I lifted my Iphone to get a shot?

The rear of sheep

Sheep butt

Yeah, totally not their best side. You will have to trust me that they were cute. Later on as I was standing in yet another line I noticed this incredibly weird seed pod type thingie growing on a wall and I just had to take a shot of it.

A spiral star seedpod

No Clue, but cool

If anyone knows what kind of flower this once was I would love to know. All in all it was exactly the trip I was hoping for and I have much more to share about what I did, but for now I am barely coherent in putting words together to form sentences.  If you attended Rhinebeck I would love to hear about what you did in the comments. I know I never get to everything and I want to know what I missed. If you blogged about it, please leave a link and I will totally read.

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