Pics or it didn’t happen

Hello blog.

I have a confession to make. Well, more of an issue. Possibly a challenge to be dealt with.

I have a mental block when it comes to blogging. You see, I am stuck on the idea that there really isn’t any reason to blog if I don’t have pretty pictures to post. The problem is that this becomes a self defeating proposition.

When working on my computer I tell myself that I should write a blog post. I want to write a blog post. If you had ever interacted with me in person you would know that I almost always have something to say. Once I had a friend who had never met my husband and functioned under the assumption that we were one of those “chatty partner/taciturn partner” dynamics. When she finally went out to dinner with the both of us her reaction was “I don’t know how either of you get a word in edgewise.”

We are a chatty family. My son is chatty, just ask him. “Eman, why did you get non-satisfactory on your behavior report?” “I was too chatty today Mom.”

The upshot is that I do not have a lack of stuff to say, but I often lack anything to show. Which has led me to this experiment. What do y’all think about non-photo posts. Will you read if I am just yammering along? I promise that I will predominantly yammer about knitting. Really, I can talk about knitting for eons.

Right now I am pondering speckle yarns. Have y’all seen this kinda new phenomenon coming out of hand-dyers? It is hand-dyed variegated yarn, but with a very different technique and results. If you remember Gale of Gale’s Art she does some speckle dying and has had quite a hit with a color called Graffiti and Asphalt. And with apologies for linking to a whole bunch of stuff you can’t buy, Skein out of Australia has some amazing speckle dyed yarn here. Just so you can get an idea.

I am guessing that this style of yarn is going to present its own set of design challenges. It looks fantastic simply knit up in stockinette or garter, but as with other variegated yarn more complex patterns can get lost. There is going to be some serious swatching going on in the near future, once I get my hands on more of this yarn!

So there. An entire post without photos. Will this post fall into the black hole of the internet? Only time will tell. I leave you with a question. Would you enjoy more frequent posts regardless of the photographic content or should I stick to posting when I have something pretty for you to look at? I would love to know.

3 thoughts on “Pics or it didn’t happen

  1. Words! Although I don’t think pics need to be as complicated as I demand of myself. I’d be perfectly happy to see a snapshot of a random WIP from someone else but scoff at the idea for me, and I’m a nobody. An easy-to-please nobody, at least.

  2. Words are fine! I fall into the must-have-photos trap too, even though I’m quite happy reading text posts. (In fact, the reader I use often takes issue with images and won’t load them…)

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