Blog Love

I read a lot of blogs, no exaggeration needed. Enough that when I just went and opened up my Feedly window and it didn’t count them for me I realized that I didn’t want to count them.

Obviously I read a load of knitting/yarn blogs, but I also have about the same number of food blogs that I follow. And then there are the ones I have sorted into the “inspirational” category that are mostly fashion and design blogs. You never know where inspiration is going to arise, so I have things like but does it float, Design*Sponge, and NOTCOT that I peruse every couple of days.


If you have any knitting, food or design blogs that you think are particularly inspirational, educational, or fun I would love to hear about them in the comments!

With knitting blogs, I particularly like educational posts where experienced knitters pass on tips and tricks, I collect these on a Pinterest board named Knitting Stitches and Techniques that you might want to follow. But I thought I would share a couple of my favorites here too!

Some medium/advanced tips:

Needle Material Affects Gauge

This fantastic post from Alexis Windslow provides the best explanation and proof on how your needles can change what gauge you get. Bookmark this now.

Knitted on Border – How to

Miriam Felton provides a photographic, step-by-step explanation of how to work a knitted on border. You will be empowered after looking at this.

Yes you CAN

…fix a twist when knitting in the round! Wise Hilda works magic on working in the round, showing you how to fix a twist after you have joined to work in the round (but before you start your second round).

And a couple of simple, but awesome tips:

Use a Side Marker

A simple idea that can save you a boat load of time and frustration from Tamara Goff

Carrying yarn while switching colors

Not that the PurlBee needs any more traffic to their awesome blog, but this is something that is often taken for granted and rarely explained. When you carry yarns while knitting stripes – how exactly do you do that?



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