Summer Lace-a-long

It’s on like Donkey Kong!

The Summer Lace-a-long that is. After much chatting on Ravelry there has been enough interest to officially declare that we are having a lace-a-long. Right now we are in the planning stages and everyone is welcome to come over and join in. 

The actual event will begin on May 15th so that it is well and truly Summer. We haven’t decided on an end date yet, but it will be some time in July or August. This is a nice, long, leisurely  event – just as Summer should be.

Captive by Barbara Benson

Captive, just in case you want beads too.

To help knitters decide what pattern they might want to make I created a Pinterest board that has all of the qualifying patterns in one place. If you click through you can see all of the patterns quickly. There are 13 patterns that you can choose from!

and Curiouser
Drooping Elm Headband
Fairweather Hat
Golden Lion Throne
Gyre and Gimble
Lady Jessica
Scarab Shawl

The 13th one is Mapes and it needs a little explanation. As written Mapes does not have enough lace in it, but the nature of the pattern is one that encourages improvisation and creativity. So, if you want to do Mapes and add in your own lace then it totally counts!

Mapes by Barbara Benson

My Mapes in Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere

When I made a fingering weight Mapes for myself I couldn’t resist adding some lace along the bottom. It totally works.

As is customary in a knit-a-long, there will be prizes! I am working on rounding up some fun stuff for a “Grand Prize” but there will also be smaller prizes both at the end and as encouragement along the way. So not only will you have a cheering squad to help motivate you to finish a project, you could win prizes too.

We are also planning a stitch marker swap, but I will talk more about that later. If that sounds like fun to you check out the planning thread. Who doesn’t need more stitch markers?

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