Gyre and Gimble

Have you seen the new issue of Knit Edge magazine from Cooperative Press? If not you should.

I want to let you in on a little secret. When a designer has something that is being published in a magazine (be it electronic or hard copy) they are just as surprised as you are when it hits the public. We have a general idea what season it is going to come out in, but as far as opening up Ravelry and seeing it pop up in the new patterns feed. Just as surprised as you!

Gyre and Gimble by Barbara Benson, from Knit Edge Issue 5

A close up, for suspense purposes.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at Ravelry and found I had a new pattern listed under my name. Woo Hooo! So excited! And this is one that I have hinted at and wanted to show off for a good little while. Remember when I said that I might (Ha, might) have more Alice in Wonderland up my sleeve? I totally wanted to say “Just you wait until you see my cool new scarf!”

Gyre and Gimble by Barbara Benson, from Knit Edge Issue 5

It is super long, the neck is wrapped twice!

This is Gyre and Gimble. It has been in the works for some time concept wise. I have been wanting to do something that uses the same concepts and techniques as Golden Lion Throne but that in no way even resembled it. As I started playing around with combing slipped stitches/mosaic and lace in different ways I stumbled upon this technique that is kinda, sorta like traveling cables in that you have a line of stitches that move across the surface of your knitting. But instead of raised cables you have lines of color.

Gyre and Gimble by Barbara Benson, from Knit Edge Issue 5

See how long? This is loop + pull ends through style.

Then I decided to see how far I could push the illusion and create something that looks like the stitches had been embroidered or woven into a solid ground all tapestry like. It still has the repeated nature of mosaic color-work, but I don’t think that anyone would look at this scarf and go “Hey, nice stripes.” Because that is what you are knitting. Stripes.

Well, stripes and lace with slipped stitches. That is the magic combo. The other magic combo going on here is the yarn. Pixie from Dragonfly Fibers in Another Kind of Green & That Ole’ Chestnut. Kate at Dragonfly is a magician with the dye pots and I think that there are any number of colors that would look awesome in this scarf. For me it was a close thing between doing this green & brown scheme to evoke leaves vs going with charcoal and red/orange to make flames.

Gyre and Gimble by Barbara Benson, from Knit Edge Issue 5

Here is the whole thing flat.

Another reason I have been chomping at the bit to show this piece off is how happy I am with how the photographs turned out. I used a new, awesome, model to whom I am totally grateful for getting up too early on a freezing morning (do you see the ice? ICE in Georgia!) and looking so beautiful. For once the weather cooperated fully and things went beautifully if freezing-ly.

Finally, if you pop over to either Knit Edge or Ravelry and plop down your cold, hard … umm … PayPal/Plastic … you not only receive this pattern but an entire magazine. The concept of Knit Edge is that while yes it has patterns (a total of 5) it also has really fascinating articles about knitting and the knitting industry. And the patterns are deliberately a little more complicated or interesting than your standard magazine fare. I also believe that, on the Knit Edge page, they are offering a special for new subscribers.

So, there it is! Click on over to Ravelry and say Hi! to Gyre and Gimble. If you like it, maybe favorite or queue it. Leave a comment if you feel the need. And guess what? This will totally count in the Lace-a-long!


2 thoughts on “Gyre and Gimble

  1. Congrats on the beautiful new pattern and the being on the cover. Just purchased the book. I think this will be a nice “training” project for your Golden Throne pattern.

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