It’s been a-long time.

Tee, hee, hee. Pardon my pun. I was just discussing with my partner that I feel that puns are the lowest form of comedy and here I go picking the low hanging fruit.

I have a plot cooking up in my wee little brain. It has been quite some time since our last knit-a-long and I thought it would be good to start throwing some ideas against the wall and seeing what might stick.

Caladan by Barbara Benson

Caladan has great lace!

Last year we did a “bead-a-long” where you could knit any of my patterns as long as it had (or you added) beads. This year I was thinking that we could have a Lace-a-long because the Summer is totally for lace knitting. There is also a distinct bias because I love lace.

Scarab Shawl by Barbara Benson

Scarab Shawl, all lace – all the time

I started this discussion over in my Ravelry Group but thought I would bring it up over here too just to get the idea rolling. This is currently in the planning stage and I thought that would be the plan for April – planning. My thought was for the KAL to run through the summer, starting some time in May.

We have already cooked up the idea of having two categories, one for new projects and one for WIPs. So if you have a partially completed piece that you have been meaning to get to, this could be your motivator.

Please feel free to add some input in the comments or come on over and join the conversation on the Rav group. I want to have some fun and I am sure y’all have some great ideas that I have not thought of.

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