Remember Fatimah?

My lovely model, Fatimah? Well, I have been shooting some of her new patterns  for a collection she is creating for The Verdant Gryphon.

She released her new cowl set Afreet today and I wanted to show off the photographs. I am really pleased with how they came out and you know how I love looking at the pretties and sharing them with y’all.

Afreet Cowl by Fatimah Hinds, photographed by Barbara Benson

This one is my favorite.

Starting things off with a bang is my favorite shot of the day. I was able to indulge my more arty side with some forced depth of field and creative composition. This kind of artyness is my instinct in photography, but in the past I have always wanted to shoot things so that they are abstracted out and simply become color and form. My challenge has been trying to find a happy place where I can indulge my arty tendencies and still effectively communicate to the viewer important information about the knitted item. I feel that this shot brings both elements in a successful way.

Afreet Cowl by Fatimah Hinds, photography by Barbara Benson

Could he be more handsome?

Menswear is particularly challenging. Maintaining a strong masculine look while still showing off the pattern can be another hard thing to balance. Of course it helps when you have a wonderful model to work with. Another big plus is having the designer right there who knows precisely what element of the piece they want highlighted.

Afreet Cowl by Fatimah Hinds, photograp

Shooting actual couples is great for chemistry.

One final shot that shows off both of the cowls equally. Here the challenge was the contrast in color of the yarns. Having the gray not be too dark while at the same time not blowing out all of the details in the cream yarn … yeah, that was fun. Luckily the weather was very cooperative and remained overcast for the entire shoot. If it had started getting sunny then we would have had some major problems.

I hope that y’all like hearing about my photography adventures as well as my knitting stuff. If you could let me know in the comments yeah or nay that would be great! And don’t forget to check out Fatimah’s new pattern on Ravelry.

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