Behind the Scenes

It has come to my attention in a roundabout way that there are some individuals who are under the impression that the lovely woman that I have been using as a model is in fact me.

In Uffish Thought - a shawl by Barbara Benson

This is Fatimah.

This is not true. I totally wish I was as statuesque, graceful and photogenic as my model, but alas I am not. I am also older and more generous in proportion. Fatimah makes a great model and she also happens to be a gifted knitwear designer. I have featured one of her patterns on this blog previously.

Yep, there I am. Photo courtesy of Holly Clawges

Yep, there I am. Photo courtesy of Holly Clawges


I studiously avoid having my photograph taken, it is something that I have done all of my life. Luckily for you (I guess) one of the ladies in my knitting posse brought her new camera to knit night a couple of weeks ago and took some pictures. She managed to get a shot of me that I do not hate with the burning passion of a thousand suns. In fact, I think it is a really good picture which is more a testament to her skill than me.

So, there you have it. Looking at this picture again I realize it is time for me to make an appointment with my hair stylist. I need to get some new color. I loved the teal but I am thinking maybe purple this time.

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