In Uffish Thought – a shawl

The time for teasing is over. The new shawl has arrived!

In Uffish Thought - a shawl by Barbara Benson

This shows you the whole shape

In Uffish Thought. As I mentioned the name is an Alice in Wonderland reference, I think it is fun and I can guarantee you that if you search for this in the Ravelry database you won’t get many other hits!

I love designing shawls that use and show off a single skein of beautiful hand-dyed fingering/sock weight yarn. It might have something to do with the state of my stash and an overabundance of skeins that meet that description – but I don’t think I am alone in that particular boat.

In Uffish Thought - a shawl by Barbara Benson

Wearing the shawl “bandit” style.

I also love garter, but it sometimes gets tedious. The texture in the body of this shawl is not-quite-garter. It has a little surprise in there to break up the monotony and keep you on your toes. Another little surprise is the edge treatment. Wanting to get away from slip stitches or garter edging I went with wee cables. They are so much fun and I never even used a cable needle.

Do y’all know how to cable without a needle or do I need to do a post on that. If so I can totally do a post on that!

In Uffish Thought - a shawl by Barbara Benson

I couldn’t resist this shot.

Another feature of this shawl I would like to point out is its awesome drape. The fingering weight yarn is knit on size 6 needles and it produces this lovely, flowing fabric that just falls beautifully. Because the garter like texture naturally contracts the fabric doesn’t look like it is too lacy, just nicely open.

In the teaser post I also mentioned The Copper Corgi yarn that I used. This was the first but will not be the last time I use this dyer – mark my words. It also gives me a little happy moment to know that she is based out of Savannah. Being a resident of the fine state of Georgia myself it is fun to use another local product for my work. Perhaps I should track down some more ATL designers and GA yarn people and make a Peach State Pattern book. Would there be any interest in that?

In Uffish Thought - a shawl by Barbara Benson

As always, I have too many pictures. I just cannot resist. The other thing I cannot resist is this shape. I may or may not already be working on another shawl in this shape. 😉 When reviewing this post and looking at the pictures anew I may or may not have just had another different idea for this shape.

I hope y’all like it because it might stick around for awhile.

Do you have a perfect skein of sock/fingering weight yarn for this pattern? Tell me about it in the comments. I love vicarious yarn porn.

5 thoughts on “In Uffish Thought – a shawl

  1. Ohhh! I really love this and must make one. I think I will be casting on March 1!! Now to choose which pretty to make it with…

  2. Love this shawl! Beautiful work and I love the idea of a Georgia pattern book. Being a Georgia native myself , it would definitely be on my shelf.

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