Social Mediaing my Social Media

Yeah, I verbified Social Media. When I make a word do a lot of work like that I always pay it extra.

I started using Pinterest back in the day, like 2 or 3 years ago. Long before it became one of the top 5 social media platforms. You should have heard me trying to explain it to people and tell them why it was awesome. My adulation mostly fell on deaf ears. But now, now people understand. Of course now, like the embarrassing email address you picked out for your first AOL account, my personal Pinterest profile has become a bit of a catch-all that really isn’t a useful tool for anyone but me.

I post anything and everything that catches my fancy. One of my largest boards is my recipes board. I use it as a visual means to try and plan dinner. I re-pin snarky comments and silly pictures. Fandom stuff and knitting stuff rub elbows on a daily basis. It is a unique mix of stuff designed to make me happy. But it might not make everyone happy.

Because there is a high probability that you are not quite interested in the 48th chicken wing recipe that I have found I have started a “business” account on Pinterest. It is for Tumped Duck and Tumped Duck only. It will be all knitting & knitting related pins all of the time.

Getting started with boards, Tumped Duck on Pinterest

Tumped Duck on Pinterest

This is a screen shot of the boards that I am starting off with. You can look at them live by clicking on the picture or on this link. I am going to try and make all of the pins on this profile either interesting or useful or both – and keep them relevant to my knitting design.

I would love it if you would follow this new profile. And if you have suggestions of what you might like to see then I would love to hear them. I tried to put good descriptions in the header of each board so you can decide whether or the board is for you – but if you have any questions let me know.

One of the boards I am particularly excited about is the Knit Indie board. I created it as a group board and I am hoping to get some other designers to contribute to the board. Group boards have the potential to have all kinds of awesome stuff on them. This board is only for knitting patterns published independently by the designers. Share the love is my motto!

If you like the idea of this knitting profile please follow the boards that strike your fancy. And if you know someone you think might like these please feel free to share willy nilly!

Finally, the first person who can identify the obscure literary reference in this post and puts it in the comments gets 1,000,000 imaginary internet points.

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