Knitting Symposium

SmallKnitsSymposiumI paid an invoice today and found it a bit weird to be totally excited about shelling out cash. But I am excited about confirming that I will be going to the Small Knits Symposium.

If you have even briefly looked at my designs you would notice that I am all about small projects. I am an instant gratification kinda girl and it shows. And by “instant” I mean in the context of knitting where instant actually can take up to a couple of months.
Semantics aside, I really prefer to knit accessories and other wee items. It allows me to experiment with interesting new techniques and see if they are to my taste. In theory that will allow me to know if I am ready to commit to using the technique in a larger project, but in reality it only lets me know if I want to use the technique again in another small project – because I am not even fooling myself.

This symposium is going to be an opportunity to hang out with other like minded knitters. Knitters who aren’t going to try and talk me into working on a sweater. And of course to take classes. There are going to be classes with Lorilee Beltman and Sivia Harding and a talk from Cat Bordhi!

So, if you are (or can be) in the rough area of Bloomington, Indiana on April 24 – 27 it would be awesome to be able to hang out with you and get our small project on!

Bonus points – which class(es) should I take? Odds are anything I learn there will turn up in a new design. What would y’all like to see me take? Let me know in the comments.

ps: When I was previewing this my pop-up blocker said it blocked a pop-up. If  you get a pop-up please let me know so I can further investigate it. My apologies if it happened.

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