Seasonal Knitting

Does knitting have seasons?

I know that all of the magazines have Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall issues and therefore have to create themes to differentiate these issues – but is seasonality a real “thing” for the knitter? I pretty much knit what I want when I want to and the whole seasonality thing confuses me.

Of course, I don’t want a lap full of pounds and pounds of afghan in the middle of the Summer, but if I want a sweater by Fall then I better get to knitting. What is the point of beginning a sweater in the Fall/Winter, is it for next year?

As far as my knitting goes, it is always time for lace. I love knitting lace and cannot see stopping it for the Winter because it isn’t the right season. So, here is the discussion I hope to start, and I welcome any and all thoughts on the subject  – please respond in the comments or check out this thread in my Ravelry Group.

The question is, does the season affect your knitting choices? If so, please explain how/why/etc … A secondary question would be: What kind of projects would you want to see for this Spring?


ps: I totally just googled effect vs affect to make sure I used it right. Isn’t that special?

pps: Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “Seasonal Knitting

  1. I don’t believe that specific knitting should be restricted to specific seasons, in the same way that I don’t believe any person who knits for pleasure has to follow anybody else’s “shoulds.” Where would we be if Elizabeth Zimmerman had believed in shoulds? I’m also the sort of knitter who tends to tie the starting of important projects to specific other events — like the Gaiman themed scarf I started the day I went to a Neil Gaiman signing.

    However, I have observed my own project preferences shifting with the seasons. I like to start sweaters in the fall. The dead of winter is for short-term projects — hats and mitts, usually — that give me a jolt of SAD-eradicating happiness as I actually finish them. I think of lacy neck-things (scarves, shawlettes, cowls) in the spring, lacy shawls in the summer, and socks and hats all year round.

    Traditionally Latvian mittens are knitted in the summer, otherwise they won’t keep you warm. I somehow manage to keep letting the summer go by without starting the mitten project I designed, and then I don’t start it the rest of the year because, well, tradition!

  2. My version of season knitting is to knit things on a timeline that means they’re ready for the season (at least in an ideal world). I do appreciate magazines theming things to match the season, because that gives me 6 months to make anything – one of the perks of being in the southern hemisphere…

  3. Thank you all for your thoughts on this matter. I am reading each one with great interest. Y’all are mostly confirming my suspicion that knitters knit whatever strikes their fancy when it strikes! I think being mindful of seasonality when it comes to fiber choice might be a wise thing to do, but otherwise I think what I am hearing is to keep the projects fun and y’all will knit them!

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