Twenty, twenty, twentyfour hours to gooooo

As is my penchant I gave this new pattern a ridiculous name.

Easily customizable hand knitted fingerless mitts from Barbara Benson Designs

I Can’t Control My Fingers

Often it is a song that comes on when I am knitting a pattern that clicks for some reason and becomes the name. You can probably count on this happening often for the foreseeable future. Hey, it is as good as using road names or cocktails, eh?

Easily customizable hand knitted fingerless mitts from Barbara Benson Designs

Some kind of Wonder Twins thing going on here I guess?

I get to say some things about this new pattern that you don’t often hear around these parts. The deeply textured pattern that I developed for these mitts is a fairly simple combination of knits and purls. It repeats over 16 rows and is easy to work. You could bust these mitts out quickly over a few days. Heck, you can knit these while watching TV.

To be completely honest, except for the thumb instructions I knit the second pair without even looking at the pattern. The red ones were the second pair. I had to do the red ones because a) I kept coming up with other ways that the mitt would be awesome and b) I needed a gift for my son’s 1st grade teacher. Yay for multi-tasking.

I Can't Control My Fingers fingerless mitts by Barbara Benson

You can really see the thumb gusset here.

The way the mitts are constructed makes them easily amenable to modification. Want them snugger? Take out stitches in increments of 4. Want them shorter? Leave off some repeats.  Want them longer? Add repeats. Want them stripy or color-block? Add some yarn. These even work well with variegated yarn (but not crazy variegated). You can make them yours and then make another pair that is totally someone else (or your alter ego).

Let me talk a moment about the yarn I chose for these mitts. The orange mitts specifically. The Pumpkin mitts. Swans Island Organic Washable. It is a DK weight yarn that was made using an ecologically friendly method of super-wash to create an organic super-wash. This yarn guys? It is luscious. In addition to being a friendly super-wash process on organic wool, Swans Island also chooses to use only natural dyes. I might have a bit of a crush on this company. And I want to be straight, I bought this yarn, Swans Island doesn’t know I exist but I am glad they make their yarn.

I Can't Control My Fingers fingerless mitts by Barbara Benson

And the reveal of the teaser

To be honest, the yarn for the red pair came out of my stash. It was a beautiful skein of Squoosh Fiber Arts Ultra DK in Blood Orange. Luckily this serves to illustrate that you can easily substitute yarn for this pattern. If you want a smaller mitt go with some sport weight (I had a tester use Bugga! with excellent results). The Squoosh resulted in a wonderfully squooshy mitt (quell surprise).

All in all I think this is a fun little pattern, check it out on Ravelry or Craftsy. As you can see I also had some fun with the pictures. Hey man, I have chickens and I am not afraid to use them.

2 thoughts on “Twenty, twenty, twentyfour hours to gooooo

    • I love DK weight yarn. I have soooo many skeins of it and not enough patterns that I want to make. So, I guess this means you should look for more DK patterns from me in the future. Also, I would love to see what this texture looks like with your knitting style. Do you get the same effects when you work in the round?

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