A Little Lace’ll do ya!

There was a time long, long ago. Antediluvian times. A time where I had the idea that I was going to knit and sell finished pieces. So very, very, very long ago. I designed a sweet lacy headband that I thought would be easy enough to knit and sell.

Yeah, that so did not happen.

But I wrote down the pattern and kept it on my computer. I wore the headband and loved it every time I had it on. And then a call came out for Lace One-Skein Wonders edited by the ever fabulous Judith Durant. These books are awesome. Chock full of wonderful patterns that can be made with only one skein of yarn. The concept behind the series is clearly brilliant, which is why there is an entire series of them from Storey Publishing … Yarn Store Favorites, Luxury, Designer, Crochet … and I am sure she will keep on making them.

A hand knit lace headband

Photo (c) Genveve Hoffmann/Storey Publishing

But my little headband was a perfect fit for this book. It uses less than a skein of yarn and knits up to be a fast and fun accessory.

The book was published a couple of months ago but today is the day I finally got my act together and loaded it up to Ravelry and Craftsy where it is available as an individual pattern if that is more your speed. But if you think you would like to knit a bunch of small lace projects – getting 101 patterns for less than $15 is a deal that cannot be beat.

If you do want the stand-alone pattern then by all means, grab it. It is different from the book in that I have included line-by-line written instructions in addition to the chart. Also, I am pretty excited about the chart. I finally managed to get a copy of EnvisionKnit up and running so it is the first pattern with the super fancy charts. (The problem wasn’t with the program but with my slow-as-dirt computer which has been chucked).

So, if you happen to get the pattern and have worked another of my lace patterns – let me know what you think of the differences between the charts. I am curious to know what people think.

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