Indie Designer Gift-a-Long

I know I promised another post on SAFF, and it will be coming. But something kinda crazy has come up and it is the kind of crazy that is crazy awesome. It started as an idea and has blossomed into something that has the potential to be completely amazing.

On the designer forum on Ravelry chatting led to plotting and plotting led to doing and now it is done! It is an Indie Designer Gift-a-long. What is that you might ask (as you should, because it is the first time it has happened)? Well, it is a bunch of designers who publish patterns independently that have gotten together to encourage/assist/enable crafters who are taking this season to create gifts for the loved ones in their lives. Now of course, the loved one can be yourself, but that is a minor distinction.

We know that ’tis the season of making gifts and we want to make it more fun. So the designers have gone through their catalogs and selected patterns to offer up on discount (some designers said eh, whatever and just discounted the whole shebang) . Starting on November 1st (as in now) and running through November 15th all participating patterns on Ravelry are 25% off. All designers are using the same coupon code which is giftalong. I chose to include the below patterns in the event:

Gift a long patterns

You should recognize all of these. There will be a test.


Now, the discount only runs for 2 weeks, but the -a long runs for 2 months. That’s right, you have a ton of time to get your knit on (or crochet if that’s your thang). There are multiple threads in the Indie Designer Gift-a-long group on Ravelry divided up by what kind of item you are crafting. A thread for Cowls & Scarves, a thread for Shawls & Cowls, etc … I am going to be the moderator for the Shawl one – big surprise, I know.

So the -a long threads are someplace for you to gain encouragement in your endeavors AND your opportunity to win a prize. And when I say win a prize I mean there are, like, over 200 prizes. Prizes out the yin-yang. Right now there is a thread that has a listing of the physical prizes and tomorrow there should be a listing of digital prizes. It is Crazy I tell you, c-r-a-z-y.

I am not sure how this is all going to shake out. I don’t think that Ravelry has seen anything like this before. But I am really interested to see how it goes, won’t you join me?

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