Ah, Vincent

Whenever I read an interview with a designer I dread hitting the point where they are asked how long they have been knitting. I dread it because I know that I have a 75% chance of getting jealous, because 75% of the time they say that they learned to knit at their grandma/auntie/mother’s knee and they been knitting a bazillion years.

Then the green eyed monster starts poking me with his stick.

I am jealous that I have come to knitting so late in life. Think of all of the knitting I could have been doing all of those wasted years. But then I remember that Julia Child entered Le Cordon Bleu at 37, coincidentally the same age I started knitting, and everything is OK. And I remember that I have my own heritage art. At a very young age my father put a camera in my hands and I have been passionately committed to photography ever since. Luckily it is a love that I can fold into my knitting seamlessly. And it is the reason that I am almost as excited today as when I release one of my own patterns.

You see, a fellow designer was kind enough to trust me with shooting her work and she published it yesterday! It is my very first time seeing my own photographic art on another designer’s pattern. I could explode with happiness.

Vincent and the Doctor - by Fatimah Hinds

Vincent and the Doctor – by Fatimah Hinds

And it doesn’t hurt that it (and she) is gorgeous. The colorway is called Starry Night and it is in Dragonfly Fibers Pixie. I am amazed how she managed to get the pattern to so closely evoke the painting without being too terribly literal in her interpretation. It is a beautiful piece.

Serious face is Serious

Serious face is Serious

Of course, you might recognize this lovely woman. She was my model for Irulan & …and Curiouser. You should probably get used to seeing her because I am going to use her as my model whenever I can!

Detail shot of Knitting

A close up of the detail – a really interesting stitch, no?

I could not be more pleased with how the photos came out, I only hope that they effectively convey the beauty of the piece. There are many more shots on the Ravelry pattern page so I will not inflict more on you. I am curious tho, do y’all readers have a heritage art? Is it knitting for you or something else? I would love to hear about it!

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