A Lion in the Neighborhood

I have been working on something big. I know you probably thought that I was spending time eating bon-bons and lazily not updating my blog – but I really have been working. Well, and this happened:

Couldn't get him out.

Couldn’t get him out.

We took our very first family vacation to the beach and my little guy got to see both the ocean (well, the Gulf of Mexico – but that’s splitting hairs) and the beach for the first time. He fell instantly in love and we learned that “We will just go look at it but you don’t have your swim suit on so don’t get wet.” was a spectacularly useless stance to take on things. But, during the six hour drive there and back I was working on something big. Something big that started at Stitches South in April.

During the yarn-fest that is Stitches South I was lucky enough to strike up a conversation with the lovely Karida from Neighborhood Fiber Company and we set to plotting. She had a crazy idea and I was totally on board. You see, she sells her Studio Worsted yarn in 400 yard/8 oz skeins. Do I even have to tell you how much I adore big put-ups of yarn? I absolutely loathe weaving in ends and big put-ups mean fewer ends. And the crazy idea?

Worsted weight = giant shawl

Worsted weight = giant shawl

Yeah, we went there. A GIGANTIC version of Golden Lion Throne.

It took a good bit of math and swatching, but I came up with the necessary modifications to make a worsted weight version of Golden Lion Throne. And it was worth every minute. The colorways that Karida selected for this project are Lauraville (the lilac) and Sheridan Circle (the dark green) and they worked together fabulously. The yarn is wonderfully smooshy and superwash too. It blocked beautifully and I think the finished shawl really speaks for itself.

I used the same model so that you can see how it compares.

I used the same model so that you can see how it compares to the original.

And I only had to weave in four ends. Dances around in circles. If the original GLT is a delicate and fun accessory, this baby is something this is really going to keep you warm in style. I think I can safely say the collaboration was as much of a success as it was fun. Now, the actual shawl has been packed up and sent off to Neighborhood Fiber to live with Karida. If you are going to a show where she is, you will be able to see it in person.

If you are interested in making a gigantor GLT for yourself I am happy to send you the notes on how to modify the existing pattern. Of course that means you need the original pattern – just want to make that clear. Send me a PM via Ravelry, shoot off an email, leave a note here … or you can get them from Neighborhood Fiber at a yarn event when you get your very own giant skeins of worsted in the colors you fall in love with.

And just to bring everything around full circle:

Small person provided for scale.

Small person provided for scale.

I took it for fun – not the best lighting but it gives you a little sense of proportion, eh?

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