Captive attention

Often times, the photography is my favorite part of producing a pattern.

Captive scarf by Barbara Benson

This image I owe to a good, helpful friend.

This was not one of those times.

Captive scarf by Barbara Benson

A rare moment in the past month where it wasn’t raining.

Nothing wanted to cooperate, the timing, the weather, the scarf … nothing.

Captive scarf by Barbara Benson

Why do I love beads so?

I ended up getting the shots – but they were painfully acquired.

Captive scarf by Barbara Benson

Detail of the blurple version

But the scarf? The scarf is easy peasy. A simple stitch repeated over the length of the scarf. Unusual for me, I know, but summer knitting should be fast and fun. The stitch is something new. I call it a Captive Double YO and it gives you a big hole that doesn’t get all crazy.

Captive scarf by Barbara Benson

Wrong side is not so wrong

And in the DK weight version I think I like the wrong side as much as the right side. It has a very interesting depth and dimension. I had considered doing a mobius cowl so you could see both sides. Who knows, maybe I still might?

The nitty gritty on the scarf is that I knit the blurple version in DK weight cotton and the ivory one in a fingering weight cotton/silk blend. And I added beads. Because, why not? The pattern is easily adapted to be wider or narrower. You can use pretty much any yarn you want between fingering & DK weight;  heck it would probably make a nice winter scarf in worsted wool. This is not a piece that you will make only once. I have the attention span of a gnat and I made it twice.

An interesting aside to this, I thought I was going to need more than one skein of yarn for the fingering weight version but in the end I did not. The upshot is I have an extra skein of that yarn. And I bought way more beads than I needed. I was thinking about kitting the yarn & beads up and doing a give away. Possibly using it as a prize in a knit-a-long for this scarf. Would anyone be interested?

Captive scarf by Barbara Benson

3 thoughts on “Captive attention

  1. I’d be interested in the prize… I think it is a lovely scarf and I’ve yet to even think through how to do beads in my knitting.

  2. I just wanted to say what a lovely scarf!!!!!!…..even if I am late to the game ; )
    it seems like the lazy hazy days of summer just aren’t happening here. It has been rush ..rush …..rush. first a visit to help Mom when she got out of the hospital after hip surgery. then a rushed trip to my daughter’s that was planned months ago. rushed because my dog blew out her acl and needed mummy home. then trips to 3 different vets – a surgery scheduled and canceled – and finally a successful surgery yesterday and baby comes home this morning. now I am looking forward to 8 weeks of rehab and keeping a large active dog secluded and calm.
    whew just writing that all down made me realize why I have been too busy to even read the blogs I love let alone have anytime to myself. I might need some seclusion and calm time too.
    but really what a beautiful scarf

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