Change of Plans

As I was eating my Siracha cheese grits on the screened in porch this morning I was struck by how perfectly overcast it was – ideal for taking some photographs of my hot-off-the-blocking-pins new pattern. When I was finished I came inside and got everything together – didn’t even bother to get out of my PJ’s (hey, they’re full coverage) and went out. As I was styling the scarf the sun came out all bright and happy and ruined all of the fun.


On to plan B. I was out there anyway and had my camera so I decided to take a couple of shots of my garden instead. I am experimenting with a Pinterest find: Straw Bale Gardening. The jury is still deliberating as to whether or not this is all it is cracked up to be, but at least things are growing.

A baby cucumber with flower

Isn’t he cute?

Have you even seen a baby cucumber? This is what they look like at the veeeeeeeeery beginning of life. I have planted both pickling and “Straight Eights” which are supposed to be burpless. I started with plants bought at the feed store and also bought some seeds. It is about time to plant some seeds among these plants. This is a technique where you stagger planting through the season to ensure a continuous supply. In theory. We will see …

A black and gold chicken

This is a hybrid chicken, we think Australorp/Wellsumer

Speaking of the feed store. We ended up buying our plants there because we were there to buy feed for my feathery girls. I tried to get some photos of them but they just won’t stand still. I built a little door in the run so that I can toss in food and scraps, and these little vultures have learned that whenever I approach the door I might have something for them. So they swarm. All I end up with is shots of the tops of their little heads as they all try to cram themselves through the door. This one succeeded and I took a quick shot before I shooed her back in.


You can guess what herb this is planted next to!

Another incipient veggie, this one further along. I planted one jalapeno plant because I really don’t need that many. Along with this spicy guy I planted a poblano and an assortment of yellow, red, and orange bell peppers. Green peppers do not agree with me. There are more veggies in the garden, including tomatoes & tomatillos but I will save them for the next time nature decides to get all cheerful and thwart my plans.

Nibbled Herbs

Not a rousing success, eh?

Finally, I have a bunch of herbs planted – mainly from purchased potted plants, but I tried to grow some from seed. Something in my yard really likes cilantro. If I catch it I will give it the what for.

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