Yeah, this is going to be a babble post. Just wanted to get that out up front – you can tune this out if you would rather not hear me pontificate.

Sometimes ideas spring forth fully formed like Athena from the head of Zeus, but for me that is not a particularly common occurrence. In my slightly disorganized mind it usually takes a seed idea to start up the creative process. This is why I spend a good bit of time looking at inspiration.

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places, so that means I look at just about everything and anything that crosses my path. Obviously Pinterest is a great station for my creative train of thought to start its journey. I have been on Pinterest for several years now and have managed to avoid the pablum of the mainstream invasion.

I follow many other creatives, and not just knitters. Fashion, art, graphic design, architecture, gardening, cooking … you never know where lightening will strike. One of the features I really like that I think is new is the “also pinned to” element. When I pin a new image it will provide me a board where someone else pinned the exact same thing that I just ferreted away. I like to click through to that board, sometimes I find gold – sometimes not. But then that board leads to another board, and another …. well you can probably see the analogy to panning for gold yourself. Sifting through the images to winnow out the wheat from the chaff.

One person who always posts stimulating images is a ceramics artist named Charity Hofert. If you are a pinner I highly recommend following a few of her boards. As far as knitting goes, Susan Pandorf is a prolific pinner and if you want a feed full of beautiful knitted items you should follow her!

When I started this post I hadn’t planned for it to be an info-mercial for Pinterest, it just kind of happened that way. What I had intended to talk about is looking at other knitters work. Apparently this is a controversial subject.

Some designers say that they never look at anyone else’s work because they fear it will unduly influence their own style. While I can respect that point of view, I do not understand it at all. I look at everything! And I adore looking at what other designers have done. Would I ever copy anything? How about a big fat hell no? But seeing what others have done in knitting is integral to my growth as both a knitter and a designer.

If you hadn’t noticed I kind of have a thing for shawls, so obviously I love looking at other shawl designers. One of my very favorite designers of shawls is Corinna Ferguson if you haven’t seen her work you should click as fast as you can over to Picnic Knits. I am constantly blown away by the beauty of the pieces she produces and cannot comprehend the speed at which she turns them out. Her style is distinctly different than mine but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over her work.

I would love it if you, my readers, would share in the comments your favorite people and places that inspire your creativity and/or designers that you love. Bonus if there are Pinterest boards I can follow.



3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Great post Barbara! I am a ‘shawl-o-holic’ and I was thrilled to discover picnicknits. I already have two of her patters waiting in my ‘cart’ on Ravelry. My friends joke about the amount of shawls/shawlettes that I have and I just tell them that I will continue until I have at least one for each day of the year !

    • Thanks. Don’t forget shawls also make great gifts!😉 Even if I ended up with one for each day of the year I don’t know that I would stop knitting them. I love the process as much as the product.

  2. I too like looking at Pinterest boards the finished objects area in Ravelry on the people page, and organization and design blogs like Unclutter’s Desk space of the week feature.

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