Crafty but not mine

I have mentioned my son here before, he is a madman and a great deal of fun. Well, this past weekend I received the most awesome mother’s day gift ever.

One turtle to rule them all.

One turtle to rule them all.

I don’t know that there is a better turtle ring out there. The husband did really well this year. He used an etsy artisan who specializes in taking drawings by kids and turning them into jewelry. I think it came out awesome and am totally in love with this ring.

Sometimes I get a bit down on etsy, but then you find an artist like this and remember what etsy is really about. If you are careful and vet the store carefully you can actually support a small artist just trying to do their art.

Another thing I was thinking about. With this post I have strayed away from my main subject of knitting. How do y’all feel about that? I have no intention of turning this into a “slice of life” blog, but would y’all be interested in hearing more about other projects I might have?

One might have recently acquired 8 new mouths beaks to feed … there could be pictures.

2 thoughts on “Crafty but not mine

  1. Love the ring! I’ve got a drawing Meg did for me when she was about E-man’s age. I might see what can be done with it. Thanks for the link.

    I’d never say no to hearing about other projects.

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