Irulan: elegant, beautiful and fit for a Princess

Quite some time ago I gave you a hint as to which was the next subject of my Dune inspired series. It has been a long time coming, but Irulan is finally here. First off, I was lucky enough to work with the talented Dani at Sunshine Yarns and she supplied the absolutely gorgeous yarn for this shawl. UltraLuxe Light is a single ply, fingering weight, Merino/Cashmere/Silk blend and it is truly a yarn fit for the Empress of the known universe.

Irulan hand-knit lace shawl

I just had to take an arty shot to be dramatic

I seem to be completely smitten with the crescent shaping for a shawl, but they just sit so nicely on the shoulders. Staying on without fuss is something I value in an accessory. But Irulan has a significantly different construction from the crescent shapes in the Atreides series. Those shawls are defined by what I call a “winged crescent” shape – in tribute to to the Atreides eagle. All of them have the garter “wings” that stretch around and hug the shoulders.

Hand Knit shawl

I would have never thought of draping it like this. Yay models.

Irulan, on the other hand, maintains the edge shaping on both right and wrong sides and the internal shaping is integrated into the lace work. In this way I have avoided any of the distinctive and visible shaping elements that can be found on many shawls.

Irulan shown from front

Look at the drape of that yarn!

Not to pat myself on the back, but I am really pleased with how the subtle details of this shawl came together as a whole. From the front you have these chevron motifs descending from the edge of the shawl and surmounted by the curved texture of garter. It looks as if it could be your traditionally structured shawl with a large garter top trimmed with a lace edging.( Also, see how the second motif in hangs almost precisely from the point of the shoulder?)

Hand-knit shawl worn traditionally

Surprise – not a plain back.

But when you see the back you are presented with these large, ornamental diamond motifs set off in stockinette and garter. The outside edges of these motifs follow the shoulder lines, framing the back and showcasing the yarn and lace. The larger of the trim lace patterns, fall not in the center of the shawl, but framing the center – which provides unexpected visual movement.

Irulan hand-knit shawl

I love it when someone can pull off “bandit” style.

All in all I am smitten with this shawl. With regards to nuts and bolts – it is a low yardage shawlette, you can get away with less than 400 yards depending on your gauge. Because of the large chunks of stockinette & garter, it should work well with tonal and variegated yarns. The pattern is both entirely written and extensively charted, so hopefully everyone will be happy.

What do you think? Are you ready to feel like the ruler of the Universe when you wear this?

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