And the winner is …


Well, not specifically that I am going to give myself the prize, but I think I am the big winner here. I am completely floored by the response to this and deeply humbled. Thank you all for your kind words and support. I wanted to reply to every single reply here – but then realized it would make figureing out the whole drawing thing a complete PITA.

You know how many total commentors there were? Bear in mind that I was prepared to be pretty excited if I got between 25 & 30. But nooo, y’all are too awesome for that! My final list had FIFTY EIGHT names on it. 58.

I think that is amazing for my little blog and really, thank all of you.

Enough blathering  – it is cutting to the chase time.

For the Runner Up – who gets a copy of Curiosity for themselves and one that I will gift to the knitter of their choice:

It is like the Magic 8 ball of the Interwebs

It is like the Magic 8 ball of the Interwebs

Congratulations SherryG! Based on poking around in the new members of the BBD Rav group I believe that this is SherryGlover1. I will be sending you a Rav message to confirm and discuss which of your lucky friends gets a copy!

And for the Grand Prize of the skein of Arroyo in Marte, the Curiosity pattern and two for your friends:

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Congratulations MJ, MJLegg on Ravelry! You also will be receiving an Rav mail from me to discuss shipping & stuff. I hope you are ready to knit with this yarn.😉

Look! Bonus number!

Look! Bonus number!

Why lookee there – I just happened to draw one more name. I love playing with the Random Number Generator. Since I had such great response I thought I would give away one more pattern. so tmeelliott – you will be getting a surprise Curiosity pattern in your Ravelry Library.

Again, thank you all for playing this little game with me. The response has been great and it encourages me to try and cook up more for the future. I hope that those of you who found this as an introduction to the blog stick around, and those who have been here a while – you are why I keep writing all of this babble!

So, what’s next on y’alls list to knit for the Spring? What is exciting you? Socks? Shawls? Monsters? I would love to know.


5 thoughts on “And the winner is …

  1. Spring? What is this spring you speak of? I had these grand plans for very warming chunky and insulating-fiber winter accessories for these cold months but getting back into knitting has been going reallllly slowly since the holidays.

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