Yarn Ogling

Without diving into my past posts (never look back) I am not certain, but I believe I mentioned to y’all that I went to Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival. Not wanting to taunt those not lucky enough to go I haven’t made a big deal about the trek, but I thought I would be remiss in not sharing the spoils.

Believe it or not, I didn’t buy very much yarn. It was all so much to take in it was nearly impossible to make any decisions, but I didn’t come home empty handed. And if you are anything like me then you would love to look at some pictures of yarn. I know people who can look at pictures of yarn all day. I mean, I have a close friend who looks at pictures of yarn all day.😉

In trying to decide what to purchase I attempted to restrict myself to things that were outside of my comfort zone. And the last thing I need is any more sock yarn. So here are a few of the items I decided not to catch & release.

Brooks Farm Yarn Surrey

This is a DK weight yarn with a fiber composition of 50% Wool, 50% Alpaca and a skein size of 420 yards / 180 grams.
I normally do not go for what I call “barber poll” yarn – but this yarn is just so beautiful. The thing that normally turns me off is that the two plys are frequently drastically different colors and I believe it is the mono-chromatic color that really drew me. When you add the fact that the center ply is a single while the much thinner wrapping ply is tight. The whole thing is beyond soft and I cannot wait to work with this yarn.

Sliver Moon Farm DK, 8oz

The lovely lady who was my tour guide for Rhinebeck introduced me to this new-to-me dyer and I cannot decide whether or not to thank her. Another DK weight yarn, the base  is a fairly typical awesome smooshy 100% wool superwash yarn, but the colors were just beautiful. I was torn between two skeins for like, 10 minutes before I finally made the decision. But what is really amazing on this is the put-up and price. It is 560 yards and the skein was under $40. Yeah Really!

Bittersweet Woolery, Consort

Teetering out on the edge of my comfort zone, lace weight silk. From independent dyer Bittersweet Woolery it is 100% silk with 875 yards/100 grams. I want to love knitting with lace weight yarn as much as I love the look and feel of lace weight yarn – I just haven’t gotten there yet. Something about the teeny needles and the teeny thread just terrifies me. But this is beautiful stuff. Again with the beautiful colors from this dyer, but this time there was no question what I would be buying. This color called to me across the booth and this yarn has very interesting construction. It is very tightly cable plied, and looks almost like mono-filament. The drape on this thing is just insane and it feels like water in the hand.

Now what I need to do with these yarns is have a little “getting to know you” time, and I thought I would invite y’all along to see the conversation. What I do is wind the yarn and then have a little swatch-a-thon. I cast on and knit some garter and then some stockinette. I change needle sizes and see what that does. I knit some texture, cable & lace to see what the yarn likes and dislikes. This helps me better understand the yarn and learn what it wants to be when it grows up.

So what I need to know from you is

1) do you think this would be a fun spectator sport &

b) which of these contenders would you like to see put through their paces?

Please feel free to put in a good word for your choice in the comments.

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