Bring on the Owls

There are certain knitting techniques that I have been hiding from. Techniques that give me the heebie jeebies to even consider. Like steeking. Just the word sends a chill down my spine.


See, brrrrrr. But I am ready for a challenge. I am going to face one of my knitting fears. It sure as heck isn’t going to be steeking, but I have decided to take on … da, da dum … stranded color work

You see, my right hand, she refuses to do the tensioning thing. But something has convinced me that I can overcome this deficiency, or more appropriately, someone has convinced me. Specifically the talented designer Terri Kruse of Through the Back Loops.

She has lured me out of my complacency and fear with cuteness:

Photo Copyright Terri Kruse

Is it not ridiculous? As soon as I saw it I knew I had to knit it for my son. I had made a pact with myself last year that I was going to try and knit my son a new sweater each year for the winter. The first was last year, and it was my first sweater over the size of toddler. Although I think this might be a bit of a quantum leap. Bulky w/stripes to fingering weight with stranded color work? Maybe I am crazy, but this thing is crazy cute.

Photo Copyright Terri Kruse

Add to it’s cuteness my son’s recent love of the Owly comic book we got for him at DragonCon and I just have to suck it up and make it work. I have ordered yarn and I am committed to the course. If you click through to Owly you will see that the main character’s best friend is a worm named, surprisingly enough, Wormy.

Because this is a top down sweater, perhaps I might be comfortable enough with the color work by the time I get to the bottom to work a Wormy or two into the bottom detailing? Do you think I should try?

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