Early morning excitement

I don’t have any pictures today. Actually, I don’t really have anything to talk about. Work is continuing apace on several projects but none of them are at a stage where I can show off anything. Some are secret and some are, well, still balls of yarn. And that isn’t particularly exciting to take a picture of.

But I felt like blogging so here we are.
I started an interesting experiment this morning, my kindergartener and I walked to school. This might not seem like much, but it is something that I have been trying to figure out since school started. We live on a very busy street that does not have a sidewalk, so I thought that walking to school wasn’t going to happen. But recently I figured out a cut through in a close neighborhood and that neighborhood has sidewalks.

So this morning we got up and got out the door a little bit earlier than usual. We drove to the end of the sidewalk and parked there. As we were parking there was a nosy old lady getting her paper and she paused in her driveway and watched us park. This caused me worry, because if someone didn’t want us parking there then my grand scheme was going to fail.

She fixed us with a stare and as I got the Eman out of the car she said, with a challenge in her voice, “Can I help you.” I smiled and walked over to her driveway, but kept a respectful distance. Still the suspicious glare for both me and my son. “We live on *our road name* but we want to walk to school. It is simply too dangerous to walk down *our road name* so we decided to park here and walk to school.”

Her entire body language changed and I felt comfortable moving a little closer. She said that her daughter had the same problem and that it was a great idea. She smiled at my son and said it would do us both good to get some exercise and he agreed with her. The large orange cat that had accompanied her to the mailbox moved from around her legs to come investigate the Eman. She said, “That is the prince of the house.” as he sought out some pets. Eman petted him gently and called him a good kitty.

As we walked off waving she said that she would keep an eye on our car.

It was a good start to the morning.

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