GLT One last time

I am sure that some of y’all are tired of hearing about my newest shawl by now, I promise this will be the last post. This is just to give everyone the heads up that the unbelievably awesome test knitters have completed their tasks and the pattern has been officially released into the wild!

That’s right, you can now  knit the thing yourself.

If you are a wee bit intimidated by the color work have no fear, there is going to be a Knit a long to provide safety in numbers. Please come and join us for lacy color work goodness.

No reason other than I dislike picture-less posts.

If you are intrigued by the shawl you simply must pop by the Swatch a long thread in the Ravelry group. Looking at all of the different color combinations people have chosen is inspiring and fascinating. So many colors that I would have never thought to put together but that work perfectly. And how significantly the color choice changes the appearance of the pattern … it is really cool!

And with that I am gonna start looking forward. I have some really interesting things coming down the pike that I cannot wait to share … but you know how that goes.

2 thoughts on “GLT One last time

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