Golden Lion Throne

I have been planning this post for some time, but life has conspired against me. You see, I decided that it was best to not write a blog post while under the influence of serious pain medication. While that might have been terribly amusing for y’all, it also could be terribly embarrassing pour moi. So I had to wait until I was well on the road to recovery. To avoid providing waaaay too much information, lets just say I had major abdominal surgery.

Moving on…

Sometimes it is about beauty, not warmth.

There are some amazingly talented independent dyers out there and for this project I was lucky enough to work with one of them. I had this idea for this shawl, but I couldn’t find the precise colors that I wanted to work with – enter Hermione Jean Creations. Shannon is the brainchild behind the operation and she was able to take my inspiration photo and develop the colors I needed for this crazy project.

Color-work lace.

Yep, completely lost it I have.

Actually, it isn’t that bad. Instead of trying to do stranded work, I chose to use mosaic color-work techniques. With mosaic, you are only working with one strand of yarn at any given time – opposing color patterning is created by strategically slipping stitches. This causes the slipped stitches to pull across the line of color and creates patterns. If you can knit stripes & work lace, you can knit this shawl.

Not that I am claiming that it is “easy”, it just isn’t as hard as it looks.

The pattern is not quite ready yet but I decided to have some fun during the month of August – because it is my one year Anniversary of designing! For the month of August Golden Lion Throne is available to pre-order on Ravelry for 25% off the full price. On September 1st the price will be $6. While you will not be able to download the full pattern right now – you will have access to a gauge swatch pattern.
Why, you might ask? Well, there really isn’t any stockinette in the pattern so a stockinette gauge would be utterly useless. To solve this problem I wrote an “in pattern” swatch for y’all. It is a way to test your gauge and practice the not-as-hard-as-it-looks technique at the same time and test out your color choices. Talk about a win/win situation! To add a little sugar to the pot, if you participate in the August Swatch-a-long in my Ravelry “fan” group then you can also get an additional discount for posting a picture of a finished swatch. I’m going crazy I tell you.

It’s an all fancy shot.

There are a few other fun things going on in August in my group. A stitch marker swatch and a Project Progress Party where you can be entered into weekly drawings for a prize. So if you feel like participating, come on over.
If  anyone has any questions about the shawl or the mosaic lace technique – feel free to ask in the comments. I will be happy to answer. What do you think of the idea?

Can I get away with one more picture?

6 thoughts on “Golden Lion Throne

  1. Serendipity. Today is my birthday, and thus, I am an astrological Leo. The stars have spoken and the Golden Lion Throne is my destiny.

  2. Amazing doesn’t half descibe this. Want X 1000. Truly, one of those ideas that, when you see it, you slap your forehead and wonder “why didn’t I think of that?”

      • Yeah, and “out of hand” is a very strange place for hand knits to go to. I do know what you mean; I never seem to make the same pattern the same way twice! Currently getting out of hand: a slouchy beret adapted from a beanie type hat. Why can’t I just leave well enough alone?

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