I might be a tease

Next month is shaping up to be a very exciting time. It will be the one year anniversary of my publishing my first “real” pattern (Atreides) and I will be releasing a new wrap pattern. I say wrap because it isn’t exactly a shawl, but it isn’t really a scarf either. If anything it is a long, narrow, curved stole. This piece marks a new shape, a new house from Dune and a new technique.

The technique is super secret but I can tell you that it involves not one, but two colors of yarn.  You might remember a little sneak peak in my post about lifelines, just to be a tease here is another “arty” shot that I took at my photo-shoot this weekend:

Oooh, can you even tell what it is?

To celebrate these two occasions I have also decided to do some fun stuff in my Ravelry group (requires Ravelry membership – but that is free). First off the new pattern that will pre-released in August (or possibly late July) with some promotional incentives including a “swatch-a-long”!

When the pattern is in pre-release you will be able to pre-order for 25% off what will be the “normal” price. This means that until August 31st the pattern will be $4.50. On September 1st the full price will be $6. If you decide to do the pre-order, you will not be without any pattern. The swatch pattern will be available for immediate download. This swatch is how you can determine gauge for the pattern at the same time you are trying out your chosen colors. It gives you an opportunity to try out the new techniques and have a little fun on a small scale.

I will be posting more about this “swatch-a-long” here in the near future, or you can head over to the Ravelry group where I give the break down. Mainly this post was to show you my teaser photo. Do you like?

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