Something new

The photography class went swimmingly and I want to thank those of you who took time to make suggestions, I tried to incorporate some of what you suggested in the time I had. Out of curiosity, would y’all be interested in me posting some of what I covered in class here on the blog?

OK, on to the next thing.

This morning I just took a big step in my evolving design process and sent a new pattern off to a professional tech editor. Which is not to say that I haven’t tech edited previous patterns, it is just that I have been relying on the generosity of some very talented knitting friends. But one can only do that so long before you are asking too much of friendship. And, it is possible that a non-friend type person might be a little more … shall we say … blunt about flaws in my personal style. And you always need a reality check, eh?

But I am way nervous about this, it seems crazy but it is similar to the way I feel about getting a cleaning lady to come in to my house. It is something that will probably never happen because the amount of cleaning I would have to do to get the house in shape for the cleaning lady …

Because really? Do I want the cleaning lady to think I am a total slob are  you judging me? Perhaps knitting my most recent shawl while watching a Netflix Hoarders marathon was a bad plan?

Regardless, I think it is the same neurosis. Before I sent my draft off I checked and re-checked and then checked some more, with the same obsession level I have during the final re-check of a pattern just before I push the upload button for Ravelry. It is an irrevocable act, and it terrifies me.

His supermodel pose. Don’t know it it would work on a pattern though.

Here is a picture of my silly kid modeling a not-ready-for-prime-time experiment. Which is my way of totally changing the subject.


August is going to be … interesting. Next month will be the 1 year anniversary of my publishing my very first charging-people-money pattern and I think I want to have a bit of a celebration. The new shawl that just went to the editor will be nearing the release date and I want to have some fun.

I was thinking of maybe trying a real a-long or maybe something creative. Is there anything that y’all would like to do? The center of operations for any activities will be here on the blog and my Ravelry group. (requires free Rav membership). Whatever we do – it should be interesting!

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