Inquiring minds want to know

I have this problem, it is known in some circles as “helium hand”. It is a condition that rears it’s ugly head in group situations. The irrepressible need to “give back”, when volunteers are requested – the helium in the hand causes the hand to raise itself above the head and get you into trouble.

This malady of mine has resulted in me signing up to teach a class this weekend for the Atlanta Knitting Guild my guild. Now, this guild is full of highly skilled and experienced knitters and I am pretty sure I don’t have much of anything to teach them with regards to knitting – which is why I have elected to offer a class on photographing your knitting. Woo Hoo.

I have a lot of pretty good idea of what I am going to talk about, but I thought I would pop up a question here and see if the internet peanut gallery had any advice. If you were to take a photographing your knitting  class – what kind of information would you be looking to get out of the experience? What would you want to learn? What is it that I may have forgotten to include in my class?

If you could share I would be most grateful!

3 thoughts on “Inquiring minds want to know

  1. I used to teach a software class for machine embroidery and the first thing I had to teach them was how to use there computer. I sell sewing patterns online now and as I talk to others that want to open shops I get the same how do I use my camera or computer. So you might have need to put basic camera skills in to the class. Especially zoom. I have alot of trouble with focus for zooming in. I admit to knowing how to do what i need to do to take the pictures and not much else. Thanks much I would love to be attending… Doti

  2. Adjusting hue, saturation, and temperature type things as well as contrast. Those are two things that brightened my pics tremendously. Knowing that if things looked grey they were too blue and to add red, and so on.

    Once I took a pic of hot pink socks that looked violet, I didn’t know how to make them look pinker than the pic was at the time. Now, I know that I needed to add red to the pic.

  3. If I were to do a class like this, I’d talk briefly about free photo editing software (pixlr, GIMP, etc.) as well as Adobe Photoshop and the basics of how to use them. Another good topic is how to achieve the best lighting for a shot. Also, I’ve found that not a lot of people know about the micro setting that many cameras have or that it is great for getting a great close-up of stitch detail.

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