A different kind of Convention

I probably shouldn’t be posting a post. My brain, she is made out of mush. But after the sheer number of business cards I gave out this weekend (both real and “MacGyver” style) I wanted to post something new and just say Howdy!


The typical convention that has been part of my life has been the Science-Fiction convention, possibly mentioned as “typical” here for the first time ever in the history of print. They are a whole different world of craziness from the convention from which I am currently recovering. Because this weekend I went to an awesome Knitting convention by the name of Stitches South. Half work/half play and 100% awesome!

I was insanely busy and did not take a single photograph, but I made up for that with the sheer number of fabulous knitterly type people I met. For the second year in a row I worked in the Malabrigo booth and actually being encouraged to talk non-stop about how awesome Malabrigo’s yarns are is beyond fun. I made sure to have several of my shawls knit up in their yarn (oh! my! what a hardship!) and I was sporting one or the other the whole time.

Of course, I designed Caladan in Malabrigo Sock:

A beaded shawl in Malabrigo Sock

Mmmmm Malabrigo

My apologies are sent out to my booth neighbor Buffy Ann from Buffy Ann Designs (I totally cannot wait to use the yarn cozies I bought for the color-work shawl I am getting ready to cast on) because she heard this story at least a couple of hundred times, but here it goes.

I designed this shawl in and for Malabrigo sock, my sample in Aguas was knit and used 400 yards (of a total of 440 yards, I stopped short for wiggle room). Then my test knitters worked on it and they ended up using between 450 and 490 yards. You can imagine my surprise. A good chunk of my brain-power has been used up trying to figure out where my math went wrong and how this was possible. Then I had an ah-ha moment.

Malabrigo Sock is light fingering. My test knitters all used standard (and a bit heavy) fingering. I think that must be the difference. So I believe it is entirely possible to makeCaladan  in a single skein of Mal-Sock, as long as you are attentive to gauge. Which I know is not the most favoritest thing in the knitting world. But I very much want people to have a shawl they are happy with.

So included in the pattern are suggestions on what to do if you run into yardage issues, starting with a little note that says “This is the 50% point, if you don’t have at least 51% of your yarn to go – you are gonna have issues.” There are instructions on how to drop one of the vertical motif repeats to shorten up the body a bit. And my personal favorite solution – where to start a new color to make the wave pattern in a contrasting or complementary color.

I cannot wait to see someone do that. If they have even half way decent photos of their piece I will probably beg to be able to show off their work.

So much else happened at Stitches that I could go on, and on, and on. But this has already gotten a bit wordy and my brain is still in a state that would not even tempt a Zombie. If I met you, chatted with you, scared you (it happened once) at Stitches, comment and say hello! I promise I enjoyed meeting you – even if I don’t remember right now because my brain checked out.

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