Completion of a Series

There is a part of me that kinda doesn’t believe that I have made it this far, I didn’t really know what I was getting into – and I still am not particularly sure where this is going. But I do know that this is something that is finished.

Specifically, I have completed a 5 shawl series of crescent shaped shawls inspired by House Atreides from Frank Herbert’s Dune. The first was Atreides which was then followed by, Mapes, Alia,  and Lady Jessica. Originally the vision was for 3 shawls. Then Mapes just happened, and Alia & Jessica could not find their way into being only one pattern – insisting on being a duality.
But finally the shawl that was planned to be third but that has become fifth has been released into the wild.
Hand knit shawl with beads

A beautiful sample knit by my tester, Jenn Lopez.

Caladan, the Atreides home planet. An ocean world of mystery that Herbert spends far to little time exploring. Possibly the only thing he spent too little time explaining. I had definite ideas of how this one should look, and it took time to make it happen.
Some of the planned elements did not pan out, but I am exceptionally pleased with the result. I love the beads and hopefully they do not feel like an “add on”. I wanted them to be integral to the design, not just a little something slapped on for the shiny. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
Hand knit beaded crescent shaped shawl

The “swoop” in all it’s glory.

This one has slightly different construction than the previous shawls. I fiddled with the shaping a bit and changed the “YO swoop” that provides the shoulder hugging element of this shape. It has been gussied up with beads and augmented with a bonus yarn over.
The above shawl was knitted and modeled by one of my awesome test knitters – she chose a stunningly beautiful shade of Dream in Color Smooshy called Aqua Jet. My prototype was knit in one of my favorite yarns, Malabrigo Sock.
Hand knit shawl with beads in Malabrigo Sock

The model isn’t as great – but she’s cheaper.

The name of this color is Aguas. Fitting isn’t it? While blue is the logical choice for this shawl, I am chomping at the bit to see how it works in other colors. The central lace pattern in this one has a significant amount of non-holey space that moves around a goodly bit; which should provide a great palette for a more variegated yarn. There is also room for some improvisation.
In the pattern I suggest a point where, should one be inclined, you could start a contrasting or complementary color yarn to provide a different effect with the wavy “trim” along the bottom. There are so many different possibilities with different colors of yarn, different colors of beads … I could knit at least 2 or 3 more of these and have drastically different shawls. You can check out Caladan on Ravelry.
But I need to move on. House Corrino is next.

Irulan … nuff said.

2 thoughts on “Completion of a Series

    • Thank you. I was a bit worried about the prevalence of the bottom waviness in many patterns – but I thought I had come up with something a bit different.

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