GQ Eat Your Heart Out

This weekend past my little man and I attended his first wedding. A little over 5 years old, we haven’t had to go anywhere where he needed to be anything that resembled “dressed up”. Of course this means I had to go buy him an entire new outfit – including shoes.

White shirt, khaki pants, slip on loafers … all procured. But the ties? Horrendously ugly. Take the most boring and drab ties from the mens department and reduce them to pint sized and you have the selection of ties I was browsing.

Not to be deterred, I found one that was marked down on clearance (this was a clip on by the way – do you honestly think I was going to try and tie a tie onto a struggling 5 yr old?) and brought it home.

Little boy with knit tie

What is it with boys and pockets?

Knitting seemed to be the obvious solution. I kinda made a cozy for the knot end and then knitted a tie shape. Then I cut off the ugly tie and volia! Instant cute little boy tie. It looked fantastic right out of the gate but the test run was not without problems.

Little boy with green knit tie

Oh the little stinker.

He kept on tugging on it and distorting the shape. And it was pretty humid, which made it curl up like a mother. If I am going to make more of these I need to either explore double knitting or the idea of some sort of backing.

For something that I just “whipped up”, I am inordinately pleased with how it came out. I cannot see writing a pattern for it because it is so simple, but I can see making more. But I waver, because there are so few cute patterns for little boys. What do y’all think I should do?

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