What is it with little things?

Amigurumi – is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The word is derived from a combination of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll.Amigurumi are typically animals, but can include artistic renderings or inanimate objects endowed with anthropomorphic features, as is typical in Japanese culture.[1]

What is it with twee little things? Why are we drawn to them? I can see absolutely no purpose to having these things unless you are a compulsive cleaner looking for something else to dust on a regular basis.

And yet.

Yes, that's a quarter.

Wookit da widdle bunny wabbit.

I made this. Using this pattern from Mochimochi Land. A land of very small and terribly cute crafting. What possessed me to make this is a mystery to me. It has the added bonus of being knit amigurumi – which for me is a step further into insanity.
It is possible that I have mentioned here that I knit tightly. Like so tightly that my dearest friend makes fun of me. And this was in fingering weight on size 1 needles. The cast on I managed, but the joining into a round was a significant problem.
There were only 6 stitches being joined, which for even those as math challenged as I comes out to 2 stitches per needle on DPNs. If I am going to do this more I am going to need muchshorter DPNs. What I ended up doing, after 5 failed attempts at joining & working the 1st round, was casting on to a miniscule 9 inch #2 circular needle. From there I proceeded to transfer to DPNs, while knitting the 1st round after joining.
For anyone keeping count, I was using 6 needles to knit 6 stitches.
An hour and a half, and substantial amounts of cussing, later – I had the little guy you see above. Knitting very small things is apparently not happy-making for me. For me, I find it a fiddily enterprise in making a craft do something that another craft is infinitely more suited to produce.
Crocheted crab on a quarter

I Pinch, I Pinch

So to sooth my frayed crafting nerves I crocheted a wee crab. At least that was the theory. It is possible that deciding to use fingering weight yarn with a B hook for a pattern that calls for worsted was  … ill advised.

I should have been a pair of ragged claws, Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.

There was not quite so much cussing, but soothing is not the word I would use to describe the experience. But he is hella cute and for some reason I am happier having him in my life. Even without it being as Zen an experience as I had hoped, I still stand by my belief that crochet is superior in this particular application.
It is so much easier to just stick your hook in and start attaching limbs and stuff wherever you want them to go. You don’t have to go through all of the irritating sewing together parts that you procrastinate for so long  your husband asks you why you have a basket of knitted animal body parts sitting next to your knitting chair.
HEY! Hey, hey, hey, hey …

Or maybe that’s just me? Regardless, I love having these wee guys so I guess I will have to deal with the fiddily-ness of the whole process. And I do have to admit that knitted animals have a certain lookto them that might be willing to go through the PITA factor to achieve.

Do you do any essentially pointless crafting? What is your favorite thing to make?


One thought on “What is it with little things?

  1. I recently learned to crochet (needs a lot of practice!) and I’ll admit that these little critters soon struck me as good projects. Very little commitment – time-wise – and maybe not as demanding as a hat or scarf? We shall see. I love the idea of having a wee beast in my pocket, especially for an important meeting.

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