A little bit of nothing

Last night the radio told me that we were going to have a freeze before morning. Apparently no-one notified the daffodils so I went out with my trusty kitchen shears and brought them inside for safety. I have a wide variety of narcissus planted that bloom in a progression from early to late.

There are wee ones and big floofy ones and brilliantly colored ones and plain ole yellow ones … the entire gamut. Luckily the ones blooming right now appear to be the highly fragrant ones. So this morning while I sat with my little man and ate breakfast he kept talking about how much he loved the flowers.

I have a fantastic bay window in the kitchen and the light in the morning and evenings is inspiring. So inspiring that I couldn’t resist taking some pictures. They aren’t fine art or anything, but I thought I would share my favorite.

Daffodils on a kitchen table

Thank goodness for short depth of field.

And just to keep things on topic, I also took some pictures of a little bracelet I have been knitting on for the last month or so.

A hand knit bracelet out of cord

Another Pinterest inspired piece.

It isn’t that it has taken me a month of work to make this, it is just that I haven’t been working on it constantly. It has been sitting on top of the bunny cage and I occasionally pick it up as I walk by. I would sit and knit a few inches of I-cord and then get bored. Last night I decided to finish it up and put the button on.

Once again this is something I saw on Pinterest that I thought – “Hey I could make that easy peasy.” And much to my surprise, I did. It is really ridiculously easy.

  • Cast 3 stitches on to a DPN.
  • Make a metric butt tonne of I-cord¹,
  • Get bored and declare it done.
  • Sew it onto itself to make a loop at one end.
  • Sew button onto other end.

I futzed with it a bit to decide how to wrap it, and you can do some interesting things by criss-crossing the strands. Certainly someone with some knot know-how could come up with something spectacular, but I am pretty much a square knot kinda gal.

So, have you recently seen something that called “Hey I can make that” and then actually made it?

¹ A metric butt tonne is a precise measurement, it is slightly less than an ass load – which is obviously an Imperial measurement.

2 thoughts on “A little bit of nothing

  1. That’s lovely, the bracelet, I must try one. Good thing to do mindlessly with odd ends of yarn.
    Your daffodils are splended. And how do you do that “no depth of field” stuff, I just can’t get it right with my cookery pictures, and it would be very helpful, not only for arty reasons, but like you, to hide things lurking in the background!

  2. Thanks so much, when I have a chunk of beautiful yarn I just can’t bear to toss it, so I do these kinds of things.

    I don’t know if I am good enough to give photography advice – but depth of field is a function of the size of your aperture (f-stop). If you want a short depth of field you need to use a wide aperture. Wide aperture = low number.

    I believe I shot this at 4.5 because I didn’t have my macro lens on the camera (and I was too lazy to swap out). For very tight depth of field yo want something like f 2.8. Of course, because your aperture is wide open you have to fiddle with your shutter speed to reduce the amount of light coming in or you will completely overexpose everything.

    Running your camera on manual is the way to achieve these kind of “effects”. It is loads of fun.

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