A Big Shawl

A large crescent shaped shawl, wrapped around the shoulders

I rarely serve as my own model.

But this shawl is mine, all mine!

About 2 weeks before I was ready to go live with Alia & Lady Jessica Malabrigo introduced a new sport weight yarn, Arroyo. This made me both very excited & vexed at the same time. I love Malabrigo’s yarns, but had they introduced it earlier I would have been able to include a sample of it in my test knitting.

But alas, it was not to be. What else was there for me to do but to knit my own? So far I have made both Alia and Lady Jessica in the small size options – but nothing in the large. And as long as I am going large, I might as well go large.

Go big or go home.

I have almost exclusively knit “shawlettes” to date, so this was quite the experience. It just kept going and going, but man was it worth it! I love wearing this shawl. The yarn is absolutely fantastic. When they introduced Rios I fell in love with that yarn – and this is essentially a skinnier version of Rios.

Because of Malabrigo’s tendency to have a good bit of variation in their colors (even within “dye lots”) when I got close to the end of my first ball of yarn (about 1/4 left by weight) I started alternating with the new ball. As far as I can tell, it made the transition invisible.

But this is a cuddly, squooshy, hug of a shawl. It might just have me designing more big ‘ole shawls. What is your favorite sized shawl?

One thought on “A Big Shawl

  1. Mmmmmmm. That whole shawl looks marvellously squooshy, but the garter stitch section especially! I love how it wraps around you.

    The shawls I like to knit the most are smallish, but the ones I like to wear the most are big rectangular sheets of lace. My Josephine shawl is about the right size (it could even be a bit longer, but that would’ve taken an extra skein of yarn, sigh).

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