Faved Friday – Flappy Flounder

I bought this pattern the day it came out. The instant I saw it, I knew that it had  to be mine.

cheezombie's crochet flounder

This photo is from cheezombie's pattern page

Who can possibly look a this and not laugh. Or at least giggle – a wee chortle is inevitable. To make things even worse (better) the designer’s name is cheezombie. You are killing me. She has tons of other fantastic toys to knit and crochet, you can find the patterns on Ravelry or at her Etsy store. Coincidentally, like last weeks designer Lily Go, Ms. Zombie also designs in both knit and crochet. Which means if you are unlucky enough to not know how to crochet – you can knit yourself a flounder:

knitted flounder from cheezombie

Also Ms. Zombie's photo, this is the knitted one

hee hee hee – it’s the eyes I think …

Both of these are representatives of a category of knit/crochet called amigurumi, which I believe is Japanese for “ridiculously cute, small, crocheted/knitted critters and objects that serve no other purpose than to be fun.” But my translation skills are a bit rusty. I have done a small amount of amiguruwhatsis – and it is always fun. I made one of these:

A cranky Scrubbie!

for my BFF. If I ever made more than one of anything I would make another – I wish I had one. In keeping with a rough sea/water theme, I have also made one of these:

Transformer Sushi Amigooroomee

It was supposed to be a fish - go figure.

Being an example of another category of the craft – toys that transform from one thing into another. For double the cuteness impact. If I could spend all day knitting and crocheting completely non-functional items, my house (and all of the homes of my friends) would be inundated with these things.

As it is, I am just going to try and bust out a Flappy Flounder some time in the near future. The new nephew (who is due today) has a fish/sea themed decorative theme for his nursery (whenever he decides to take residence). I think he will need a flounder.

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