Faved Friday

I thought I would start something new today, and hopefully I will be able to keep it going for awhile. For a post on Fridays I think it would be fun to feature something that I love that was designed by someone else. An item that has been on my to make list for eons, or one that has just appeared and jumped to the top of the pile.

I know that many designers say that they don’t look at others’ work – but that is not me. Looking at what others (usually much more experienced others) have done both educates and inspires me. Never would I knowingly “rip someone off” but I learn best by doing. What better way to learn a new technique than to make something that uses that technique and then have an awesome FO to show for your efforts?

To start off with, something that you don’t see much of around here – crochet. I have been crocheting since I was around 8 years old, but somehow my skill level hasn’t advanced much beyond top down hats and granny squares. Not that there is anything wrong with top down hats and granny squares. But I would like to improve in this area.

I own the yarn for this shawl.

I own the pattern for this shawl.

I just haven’t gotten around to making this shawl.

Lily Go's beautiful Cassandra (her photograph)

Lily Go is a truly inspirational designer for me (her website is here). She knits & crochets with apparently equal ease and designs the same. When this shawl was introduced I immediately fell in love with it and bought a copy. But crochet is not my forte and the first yarn I tried to use did not play well with the swatch.

The agony of swatching

I didn’t like anything I managed – so I scrapped the idea. It needed a yarn with much more loft than I was using. Sometimes it is better to bide one’s time and wait for the perfect yarn to come along. As I said, I own some yarn earmarked for this – but am open to suggestions. It would be a hardship to have to buy yarn, but I would totally take one for the team. For science.

Anyone have any ideas?

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