A Simple Shawl

Something simple is not necessarily simple. I have difficulties with compulsive over-elaboration. After Atreides was published I started in immediately on an even more difficult design. With 3 charts. And beads. But then I realized that I should probably go simpler before I went crazy. This plan led me to the craziness detailed in my previous post and 4 different variations of the same shawl being in the testing stage.

So I decided to keep the crazy shawl on the back burner and go simpler still. A pattern that is simply the basic winged crescent shape – for those who don’t like fussy lace and stuff. And this shawl is very, very close to being ready to go. Close enough that I feel secure in showing y’all a sneak peek:

Sneak peek at the new shawl

A little tease for those who like that sort of thing

What’s the hold up you might ask? Well, it is the name of the thing. My working title has been Simple Winged Crescent because that is what it is. This is a “formula” style pattern, where I give the knitter the basic framework of how to construct the shape and the knitter can either work plain stockinette or go a wee bit crazy with whatever patterning they like. Or one can knit precisely what I have made – whatever floats one’s boat.

It is any yarn, any needle, any gauge … knit until you feel like you are done. You know the kind of pattern I am talking about. The kind you can make over and over if you feel the need. But my knitting group – they do not like the title, not at all. They think I should stick with my existing Dune based naming theme. Which to that I say – I am not going to name every single pattern I make after something in Dune. So what if I have counts on fingers, three, four, carry the one,  well, I am not saying how many I have planned …

I have a name that I have been planning on using, but that has not expressed itself on what kind of thing it wants to be yet – and it is a name that would work here, I think. So I will ask y’all, what would be a better name.

a. Simple Winged Crescent Shawl
2. The Spice Must Flow
3.14159. I don’t like either – try again

Feel free to answer in the comments.

5 thoughts on “A Simple Shawl

  1. I’m a sucker for mythology & tradition, so I present Dune themed names…

    I think the simpler design lends itself to the Fremen, so — Chani

    It’s also quite elegant – Lady Jessica

    Or, Melange…

    ~ PDXMama

  2. Honestly? It’s Yet Another Crescent Shawl (SO not a bad thing!), so stick with the current tradition of Dune names for Crescent Shawls. Just my thought. 😉


    • I am on a crescent shaped kick, but I will start to feel bad about it when there are as many crescent shaped as there are Triangle!

      • Nonsense! It’s a classic shape, just like the Triangle is a classic!

        Hope you don’t mind, but I am so going to go on a design kick myself. ;))

      • Why ever would I mind! The more awesome patterns out there the better. There are several excellent designer groups on Rav – send me a PM if you want their names.

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