Progress is progress

After my last little rant about frogging you might have thought I had given up. I wouldn’t blame you, it is an easy conclusion to jump to. But, in fact, I have not given up. That tirade was a minor setback and I improvised, adapted, overcame even. Would you believe that since then I have finished two shawl prototypes?

Well, I have. And the written patterns for those prototypes are currently in test knitting. The first pattern actually ended up having two variations – so it became two separate patterns. And both of those patterns have two distinct sizes – for a total of four patterns. And then the second shawl stayed just the one design – but it is an any yarn/any needle kind of pattern.

Which, if you are keeping tally, adds up to a total of FIVE shawls currently in test knitting. I have indeed lost what wee sanity I might have been able to lay claim to. All of these shawls are on the same basic crescent shaping as Atreides and therefore will have the same shoulder hugging tendencies as that shawl. I have at least one more of this shape knocking around in my head before I can move onward and upward. I hope no-one gets bored of this before then. But I figure I would have a long, long way to go before I approached the saturation level of say – the triangle.

And because every post is more pleasing with a picture – I took a little brake in my shawl knitting to make a wee pair of booties for an incipient nephew:

Very small baby shoes

The little guy is excited about a new cousin.

These were knitted from the Magic Slippers with a little chunk of Malabrigo sock in Stonechat. They are so ridiculously cute.

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