Frustration, thy name is frogging.

I thought I had it, I really did. So confident, so assured – things were falling into place perfectly. Except that they weren’t. The first repeat went fine – why wouldn’t it. The second repeat – eh, that will work. Not what I expected but not a problem.

Third repeat, oh! Um? Maybe if I fudge this …

Fourth repeat. The forth repeat worked really well with another word that starts with an F.

I tried a partial frogging but it was just not going to work. So, an entire day worth of knitting got ripped out and balled back up. And then another couple of hours of quality time between me, Excel  and Word (my bestest buds) and I am ready to try it all again today. Because I am confident it is going to work this time. Rest assured, things are falling into place …

Ummm, why is this starting to sound familiar?

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